Advance Gold is a TSX-V (AAX.V) listed junior exploration company focused on exploring and acquiring mineral properties containing precious metals as well as lithium and fertilizer minerals.


Advance Gold acquired 13 lithium-potassium-boron salars in central Mexico in March 2021. In addition, it acquired a test plant and proprietary extraction method. What makes the salars impressive is that Dr. Roberto Perez Garibay, an expert in mineral extraction, at the prestigious Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav) Saltillo Unit, Mexico, has done studies to test material from salars in central Mexico. In his research he concluded that they are amenable to magnetic and heavy mineral separation, creating a concentrate that reacts very favourably to common leaching methods for lithium recovery over short periods of time measured in hours with high recoveries.


The company currently has a 11.45% interest on the Kakamega advanced gold project in Kenya. The remaining 88.55% of the Kakamega project is held by Shanta Gold who bought the interest in the joint venture from Barrick Gold. With Shanta Gold spending more money on the Joint Venture, Advance Gold is nearing the stage where it will be diluted to a 10% interest. At that point, Advance Gold converts to a 3% uncapped royalty where Shanta has no right of first refusal. This will give Advance some flexibility if it chooses to sell a portion of the royalty. The Joint Venture includes the Rosterman Mine operated in the late 1950s to the mid 1960s and mined seven gold bearing reefs from 23 underground levels. The other two claim blocks under the Joint Venture bracket the Liranda Gold Corridor.


Advance Gold has a 100% interest in the Tabasquena Silver Mine and Venaditas polymetalic project in Zacatecas, Mexico. At the Tabasquena project, Advance Gold has drilled 23 holes, that returned widespread gold and silver mineralization from anomalous to high-grade. Management believes that there is a feeder system at depth causing this widespread mineralization. To better understand this system and its depth potential it plans to do more geophysics, mapping and petrographic studies prior to additional drilling. The state of Zacatecas is the most important silver mining districts worldwide with approximately 10% of all silver ever produced worldwide having come from the state. Advance Gold's projects are in the heart of this impressive silver belt.

Lithium - Mexico

Gold - Kenya

Silver - Mexico

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