Project Overview

Acacia Exploration Kenya Ltd. ("Acacia") has 88.55% equity in the Kakamega Project, which comprises the Rosterman, Burkura, and Sigalagala Projects in Kenya, East Africa.

Rosterman PL 2018 0212 (previously SL267): The most northerly of the three licences hosts the historic Rosterman mine, which is reported to have produced in excess of 250,000oz Au at average grade in excess of 13g/t. Click Click here for map

Bukura PL 2018 0210 (previously SL265) and Sigalagala PL 2018 0211 (previously SL266): The southern licences host numerous significant historical colonial mines and areas of active artisanal mining. Click here for map


The highly prospective 9km long Liranda Corridor with Advance Gold's Bukura Licence (SL265) and Sigalagala Licence (SL266) shown.
(Map courtesy of Acacia Mining plc.)

About Kenya

Kenya is situated in the Eastern part of the African Continent. The country lies between 5 degrees north and 5 degrees south latitude and between 24 and 31 degrees east longitude. It is almost bisected by the equator. Ethiopia and Sudan border it to the north; Uganda to the west; Tanzania to the south; Somalia to the northeast; and Indian Ocean to the southeast. The Republic of Kenya has an estimated population of 38.2 million and is projected to grow to 60 million people in 2030. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, and it is excellent connectivity to major world-wide hubs and time zones that make it easy to work with most continents. There are deep pools of educated and skilled manpower that have made the country the manufacturing, commercial and financial centre in eastern and central Africa.

Kenya is endowed with a wide range of minerals, and most of these minerals still remain unexploited due to inadequate knowledge on their status, economic viability and appropriate mining technologies. The Kenyan government has appropriate mineral prospecting and mining policy conducive to investment and Private Public Partnerships (PPP) in the mining sector. Therefore, opportunities exist in of in mineral exploitation, mining and value addition through direct or joint venture partnerships.

The Republic of Kenya is politically stable under the recently established grand coalition government. It realizes that political and economic stability are intertwined and are key pillars for long term prosperity of the nation. On 10th June 2008 H.E the President and the Rt. Honourable Prime Minister officially launched the Kenya Vision 2030 to be a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life. Kenya's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was estimated at about US$ 27 billion in 2007 thus placing Kenya among the five biggest economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kenya is open and safe for investments.

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